It is the frontier and research hotspot of the current development of facility horticulture technology.

LED light source has traditional light source incomparable photoelectric advantages, is the ideal light source for plant factory light environment control

Its advantages are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1、 LED can be modulated according to the needs of plant growth and development of the spectrum, on-demand deployment of light, high bio-light efficiency;

2、 LED is a cold light source, close to the plant irradiation, you can improve the utilization of space and cultivation density;

3、controllability, you can accurately regulate the light intensity, light quality and photoperiod, etc., suitable for factory production;

4、 LED energy-saving, environmentally friendly, long service life, small size, light weight;), the light source lamps and lanterns of the degree of freedom in the design of large, large potential, suitable for application in various areas of facility gardening;

5、 LED DC low voltage, safety ), the light source lamps and lanterns design freedom, large potential, suitable for application in various fields of facility horticulture;

6、 LED DC, low voltage, safety. The above advantages make LED light source in the light environment regulation of facility agriculture has a broad application prospect.

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